My Everlasting Father,
I will never forget
  the moment
  when I stood
  and asked for help
I was being tormented 
  and persecuted
  for the sake of sin
  and I have always been low
  because of other people's sin

But those people
  who are not my enemies
  are not in my control.

When I stood
  and I begged,
  "They keep doing this to me,
  help me to control myself
  help me to cease
  giving myself
  the permission to sin
  against the Holy God."

And then
  and only then
  did you send help
  you answered my cries
  and you begun the healing
  and the renewing of the mind.

Even in the midst of your presence
  I got frightened
  as a wounded dog
  and I ran
  because I did not know
  what I was going to do
  or how painful it was going to be.

My God,
  you did not stop
  you did not flinch
  you pursue me
  you sought me out
  when i ran from your sweet love.

And you captured me
  and you continued your work.

Only You,
  could have done this.
  Only you,
  could have set me free
  Only you,
  could have loved me
  in the way that I needed the most.

  write your word
  upon my heart
  and seal it with your Spirit
  and purchase me with your Som
  and make me like your child.

Keep me
  do not lose me
I adore you
  now and always.