My Only Love
My life
  I have only experienced
  enemies trying to take my life
  attempting to end me
  my soul
  my heart
  and my mind.
They have used me
  for their own wickedness
  and to fulfill their hearts of sin
  and to dispose me
  like I am trash.

I am burn with anger
  because I feel powerless
  but my eyes see
  who are my enemies
  who have vowed to draw me away from you
  and that fills me with rage.

Because you have loved me from all of eternity
  and your heart was openly affectionate upon me
  and you loved me
  and you loved me so much
  that you sent your Son
  to live and die and rise from death
  so I can live, and move and have my being
  in you alone.

God, I pray for those
  who would try to take my life.
  They have failed. Miserably.
  Their actions are in completely vain

Show them the wickedness of their sin
  and turn their hearts towards you.
Save them from their sins
  and from the snares of the devil.

Put Satan and his demons to open shame
  because your Son has the keys
  to hell and death

How much more glorious would it be
  to these supposed enemies
  who would have me killed
  and then you draw them
  and you call them
  and you exchange their hearts
  and filled them with your Spirit?
  That would be spectacular
  because that is what you have done for me
  You have predestined me?
  Predestined them
  You have called me?
  Call them
  You have justified me in my wickedness
  that eclipses their own wickedness?
  Justify them
  You have glorified me
  because you have glorified your Son?
  Glorify them
  You have saved me?
  Save them
  You have loved me?
  Love them.

Save my enemies O Lord
  keep them precious in your sight
  my Savior and my Redeemer forever.