My everything
I lack.
  I am weak.
  I have nothing.
  I am poor.
   I am dead.

Whatever I have is from you.
  This roof upon my head.
  Clothes on my back.
  My warm bed.
  My beautiful wife.
  My wonderful children.
  My running cars.
  My vocation.

All of it comes from you alone.

But I have everything.
  I am wealthy beyond measure.
  I am strong.
  I am the richest.
  I am fully alive.

All of because I am in full possession of your Son Jesus Christ.

He is my rock

He is my fortress

He is my redeemer

He is my strength

He is my beloved

And I am his.

Keep me close to you.
  Do not let me go.
  Do what you must
  to keep me with you.