My Holy Shield
Is there some sort of target on me?

Why has the enemy been so focused on my life?

Why is it that with 
  every single foolish
  decision I have made,
  Satan has used it 
  to drag me back 
  in the darkness 
  where I once lived?

And why does the world 
  keep trying to pull me 
  back into the life
  that I once lived?

I know that life
  I have been scorched by that hell.

I cry out
  The bullets of the enemy 
  are aimed for my heart and soul
  And I am so weak and frail
  I know for sure
  I will perish
  I will suffer
  I will die.

I am not a mighty fortress
  you are
I am not strong tower
  you are
I am not great shield
  you alone are.

Protect me from death
  Help me to slay
  and destroy my enemies
  just so I can get back home
  safe and sound with you.

You are my Rock and Redeemer.