My Only Rescuer
In my darkest moments,
  greatest fears
  deepest pains
  I would never turn to you
  and instead I would flee
  to idols and gods
  that I thought would ease the pain
  soothe my anxiety
  save my soul.

My idols were lust
  my gods were pornography
  when I was thirsty
  I would insist on drinking
  toilet water

But you rescued me
  you have kept my eyes upon you
  you have turn my face
  and my heart
  to you
  the source of everlasting joy.

You are the only one
  who has kept me 
  fully and truly
  I have your Son
  who bled and died for me.
  I have your Spirit
  who has marked me
  and is the only one
  that will bear witness
  that I am your child.

Please keep me closer
  do not let me stray
  Destroy my idols if you must
  Kill my masters if you please
  Burn this world around me
  Take my soul
  because I do not want to go back to hell
  I just want to be with you

I love you Lord.