The Psalm

Psalm 32:3 (CSB) When I kept silent, my bones became brittle from my groaning all day long.

The Prayer

My Only Comfort in Life
I will never forget
  the darkness enveloping me
  my emotions drained out of me
  I no longer desired life
  my brain was shut down
  I was dead
  and I wanted to die.

The deepest despair
  and the darkest night
  and the most chaotic state
  and the madness that ensues
  and I am dying
  and I am being crushed
  I am without hope
  I have nothing
  I didn't have the strength
  nor the wherewithal
  to even form a thought
  to reach out and ask for help.

But you
  instilled one truth
  I am lead by your Spirit
  because you adopted me as your son
  and I have your Spirit
  and I am no longer in fear

But you
  bear witness with my spirit
  the spirit you gave me
  and the life you gave me
  that I am yours
  and you are mine

And you
  have given me everything
  because you gave me your precious Son.

I might suffer for a little
  and I cry in despair
  and my tears flood my pillow
  but your joy always comes in the morning
  because that is when your mercies are waiting for me
  more assure than the sun rising in the east.

Great is your faithfulness, O Lord.

Great is your faithfulness.