The Psalm

Psalm 32:2 (CSB) How joyful is a person whom the LORD does not charge with iniquity and in whose spirit is no deceit!

The Prayer

My Only Redeemer
I am filled with iniquity,
   Lord, look at my sins?
   How can you not count
   my wickedness against me?
Are you a god
   that turns his head
   and ignores evil?
   Or do you call something a sin
   not a sin
   and allow it to run rampant
   and destroy everything
   that you alone have created
   and that you have loved?
My Lord,
   you did not ignore my sin
   you did not turn the other way
   you did not declare evil not evil.

You thought of me,
   laid your affections upon me
   saw me in my wickedness and deceit
   and you loved me.
And then you sent your Son,
   Jesus Christ the Holy One of God
   who is God
   to live as I should
   and to carry his cross
   and to place my sin 
   upon himself
   and to attract Your wrath
   upon himself
   and saved me from the outermost
   to himself.
Christ saved me in
   Your grace
   Your sovereign
   Your power
Blessed be your name forever.