The Psalm

Psalm 32:11 (CSB) Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous ones; shout for joy, all you upright in heart.

The Prayer

My Joy and Righteousness
When I was
  a beast before you
  a worm beneath the dirt
  a blasphemer of your holy name
  an accuser of your beloved people
  a violent opponent of your dwelling
  a blind fool of your glory
  a ignorant recipient of your tender mercies
  a stonewall to your amazing grace
  a rejecter of your great love
  a dead man in my own sins

You thought of me
  you stirred your affections for me
  you loved me
  you chose me
  you called me
  you saved me
  you gave me faith
  you washed away my sins
  you regenerated my heart
  you filled me with your Spirit
  you changed my mind
  you opened my eyes
  you cleared my ears
  you unmuted my tongue
  you adopted me
  you called me your own
  you lavished you affections upon me
  you justified me
  you discipline me
  you sanctify me
  you conform me to look like your Son
  you wash me in the water of your word
  you pour out mercies on me
  you give me grace upon grace
  you forever love me
  you glorified me

Only then and now
  my heart is filled with joy
  my soul stands upright in your presence
  my being dwells with you
  my mind captures thoughts towards you
  my strength chokes out my sin
  do I love you

Be my love.

Be my everything.

For I am yours
  and you are mine.