The Psalm

The Prayer

Man of sorrows
I have spent much of my life
  not turning to you
  not loving you
  and not trusting in you.

And my sorrows and grief fill my heart.

I am sorrowful
  because of my own sins
  and wickedness before you

I grieve
  because I wish I have only known you
  all of my life

You have been my God before
  since I was in my mother's womb
  since I nursed at her breasts
  since I knew how to walk

And you pursued me
  when sin encroached
  and preyed on my flesh

You loved me
  when I was being devoured
  and consumed

And you rescued me

I see you
  and I hear you
  and I know you love me
  because there is no other
  who could care for me
  love me so tenderly
  and perfectly save me

I love you Lord
and I will worship you
my Redeemer.