The Psalm

Psalm 32:1 (CSB) How joyful is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered!

The Prayer

My Only Good
How many times have I have sin against you
   done wickedness in your sight
   submitted myself to perversion
   blasphemed your holy name
   persecuted those who love you
   and violently opposed your righteousness?
All of my sins,
   I cannot count that high.
   They would outnumber the stars in the sky,
   and the sands upon the shore.
For my heart does evil continually,
   it is desperately sick at it's core.
   I was born unrighteous.
   I never understood you.
   I never sought after you.
   I have turned away from your face,
   I have become worthless.
   I have never done good,
   I have only done what was right in my own eyes.
For I was once foolish, 
   enslaved by various passions and pleasures, 
   living in malice and envy, 
   and detesting everybody.
But my King,
   how did you respond to my treason?
You appeared,
   and you saved me.
   Not by anything I have done,
   because they were filthy rags in your sight.

No, but only according to your mercy,
   by washing me
   cleansing me whiter than snow
   in regeneration and renewal
   by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Your gave me your Spirit
   and did so abundantly
   through your Son, Jesus Christ
   my Savior forever.
Because of all that He did,
    I stand not condemned
    but innocent
    justified in your grace alone.
Now, I am your son,
   and You are my Father.
   I receive everything that your Son has received
   which is eternal life,
   fullness of joy,
   and pleasures evermore.
I will forever praise your holy name.