The Psalm

Psalm 30:4–5 (CSB) Sing to the LORD, you his faithful ones, and praise his holy name. For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor, a lifetime. Weeping may stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning.

The Prayer

My God,
I sit in awe
  of your wonderous works
  but more of your love for me
  your mercy upon me
  and your grace towards me.

You sought me as a rebellious fool
  a beast towards you
  a wayward child.

Nonetheless, you held me in your arms
  you cleansed me from all of my filth
  and promised never to let me go.

You took away your anger
  and brought me your salvation.
  You are holy, holy, holy,
  and you declared me, “Holy”.

Whatever pain, betrayals,
  you are forever my comfort,
  and all of my hope is in you,
  because you are my absolute joy.

Save my soul, O Lord,
  and let me see your glory.