My Lord Protector
Who has been my shield
  and my armour
  of my life?

Who has been my home
  my roof and my foundation
  of my worth?

Who has been the sanctuary
  the keeper of the fire
  and my spirit inside of me?

You, O Lord, are my only one
  and my heart's desire
  and I long to worship you.

Save me, my God,
  and keep me close.
  My heart keeps trying to run away,
  from the only Father I have ever known.

How many times
  have I dashed from your presence?

How many times
  must I run away from your love?

But you are not only my Protector
  but my Rescuer.

I have sinned all the more
  but you give grace and love even still
  and you have redeemed my life.
  Not because anything that I have done
  but all because of what your Son has done for me.

I praise you, God
  and praise your holy name forever. Amen.