My Steadfast Lover
My enemies have long shamed me
  and I have been beaten to death.
  I have decided, "My Lord is not for me,
  I have been forsaken."

"There is nothing left for me,
  there is none I am call to.
  Let me waste away to death
  and turn back into dust."

But You, O Lord, have been my God,
  since before I was in my mother's womb.
  Since then, I have been hurt and afflicted,
  left confused and driven to desperation.
  I was throughly convinced,
  It was better for me to be stillborn.

My God, you are my Rescuer and Redeemer.
  There is none like you.
  You do not simply remove me from evil,
  but you bring me high and lifted up to you.

And I have seen your glory,
  and my life I dismiss as shit,
  in comparison of knowing you,
  and being called your beloved.

Do not stop rescuing me.
  Keep me in your presence.
  And draw my heart towards you.