My God in Heaven,
There is none like you!

You are God who sits high above all of my sins,
  my hardness,
  my wickedness,
  my trespasses and my calamity.

You are exalted far above all of my gods.

But in your steadfast love,
  abounding grace,
  and tender mercies,
  you saved me! You sent your son,
  Jesus Christ,
  to come live 
  and die for me.

More than that,
  your Son rose from the grave 
  and conquered all of the sins,
  and death once and for all.

Now I live to you 
  and for you 
  and with you 
  and you are with me 
  and in me forever.

What can I do 
  but give you thanks 
  and sing praises to you for all of my days?

What else can I do 
  but tell the world 
  that you alone are God 
  and you alone are mighty to save?

I will tell the world 
  that if they turn their face towards you,
  you will bring them in and you will save them.

Because you are God.