Who is like you, my Lord?

Who is like my God?

The one who has saved me and never abandoned me. The one who is my shield when fiery arrows have scorched the skies. The one who has called me righteous and equips me according to his own righteousness?

The one who has given me the speed to run to him in times of trouble? The one who has set me upon the mountaintop to see his awesome glory?

I have been trained but not by my own doing but by the teacher who will see my training till the end. I stand tall but not by my own strength but by the strength of your mighty hand. I have been made great but not my own pithy efforts but made great by your sweet gentle love, grace, and mercy.

My enemies, they have nothing on me. Their greatest numbers amass in vain. Their weapons cannot take my life. They battle without purpose because my King has soundly, completely, definitely, perfectly conquered them when He went to the cross and gave his life up so that I might live.

My foot presses against Death’s neck as I can hear his skull grind into the dirt beneath him. He waves at me but he has no power because he rules nothing.

You have given me this power. You alone have given me life.

I love you, Lord.