You are my Way,

I am a man with little mercy. My life is filled with shame. My heart is ridden with cancerous sin. My will longs for the wide path well-traveled.

I cannot think I am better than a prideful man because I am that prideful man.

But you, O my Abba, have cleared one singular particular definite path to you and that is through your precious Son, my Christ my Savior and King.

If I am not humble, then please humble my soul. If my heart is hard, then take mine and give me yours. If sin crouches, then remove it from me and give me your Son’s righteousness.

To you, there is but one way. To life, fullness of joy, and pleasures evermore, there is only one way. To complete satisfaction, there is only one way and His name is Jesus Christ.

I run to you. Protect me.

God help me.