My Lord,
I have gone everywhere. I have not found any good apart from you.

When I turn away from you or try to find _not You_, my sorrow and grief run deep. It crushes my hearts and buries my soul.

When I try to give life to my idols, they give nothing back because there are no other gods. And I die.

When will I realize that you alone are my All-in-all? When will I realize that you are the only One I ever need? When will I realize you are my infinite inheritance?

Oh, when I turn to you and when I peer into your lovely face, my soul awakens and my fills with gladness and joy.

You have not ignored me. You give me wisdom.
You have not stripped me. You give me strength.
You have not given me over to my iniquities. You have given me your soft, tender, and healthy heart.
You have not left me to drown in my sorrows. You have given me your Rock to stand upon.
You did not cast me into hell. You hold me in your heart.
You did not give me over to sin. You have cleansed me from all unrighteousness.
You have not left me for dead. You have given me true life.
You have not abandoned me to sadness and grief. When I’m with you, my heart is constantly, consistently, perfectly filled joy.

I am no longer in pain. You have wiped away all my tears. You place my hand into your hand. At that moment, I will have unlimited access to your constant, consistent, perfect bliss forevermore.

I love you, Lord and all that is in me I will bless your holy name forever.

In your Son’s perfect name I pray,