My Lord, Our Lord,
Your name is known throughout all the earth.
Your fame knows no bounds.
Your glory will not be given to another.
Your love is simply unmatched.

And who you are and what you do is not determined and defined by the world around me. You are defined by your thoughts, your mind, your heart, and upon your revelation alone. I ask not for you to reveal more than what you have already reveal for my mind and soul and heart can barely comprehend your fullness now.

I can barely hold on to the grace that you have given me.  But even in that holding on is grace upon grace. For that, I thank you.

You are God of the heavens, space, galaxies, and solar systems. You rule above it all. You are King and Lord over all kings and lords.

But you know me. Not just of me, but you know me. You know me and you love me.

You loved me enough to leave your throne, to leave your heavenly home, away from the Father, Spirit, and the heavenly hosts to come and get me. You rescued me from the uttermost depths of the oceans. You have retrieved me from the lips of the mouth of hell. You have saved me from death. You have loved me to bring me to you.
God, I love you. For all of my life and all of eternity, I will forever proclaim your glorious name. I love you. Thank you.

In your name, I pray.