O Lord my God,
It might feel like the world is against me. I might feel like I am a being persecuted. But the real battle is not the world versus me but rather, my own sin and my own iniquities versus the spirit inside of me.

Dear God, my very best works and all of my good deeds before you are nothing more than used menstrual rags and bags of crap. I got nothing else in my hands—this is the best I can do.

My sin is my own and no one else’s.

My iniquities belong to me and no one else is to blame.
And yet, you called out to me—you called out to me in your sweet love, in your perfect kindness, in your never-ending mercies, and unchanging grace. You called to me!
Where else can I turn to? If I go away from you, then I am far from you. Far from my desires from my new heart—the new heart that you gave me. Clearly, that is not the answer.

Or if I turn to other things of the world, even good and great things from you, they fail time and time again to fill the hole in my heart.

What other direction can I turn other than to you?

Yes, in your direction, your wrath is terrible, your punishment is swift, and your just is perfect.

But in your direction, is my only salvation because you alone have saved me.

God, do you want you must to save me to you and keep me to you. Here is my trust: not in what I have done but in what you have done.
I have nothing but you, God. Keep me.

In your Son’s name, I pray.