My Holy Lord Above All,
My deeds have warranted not your affections but your attentions—attention to correct my path. However , it is not simply that, it is more serious, more deadly than that.

I continuously want death. I continuously want counterfeit. I continuously want less.

You, my Father, don’t want that for me.
You want life for me. You want truth for me. You want the most for me.

I rebel. You correct. I run. You pursue.
I deserve every bit of wrath. Your justice has me in your crosshairs. Surely, I would perish.

But your Son, the Infinite Bridge between God and Mankind, steps in the way and takes in all of your wrath for my sin, once, forevermore.
You have no wrath left over for me. Just as Christ’s body was drained of blood and water, not one drop of your righteous wrath was left for me.

I shall not fear. I shall be corrected. As your kid, I will receive correction.
You love me perfectly so and more so than I love my kids. I desire correction for my children. You desire correction so that I will be with you in the likeness of your Son forevermore.

God, hear my wailing. Hear my cries. Hear my pleas. Hear my prayers.

I ask for you and you cannot say no.

I love you.

In your Son's incredibly beautiful name, Amen.