My King and my God,
My heart grieves. My soul groans. I am in need of your Spirit.

My own pride has kept me far from you. My own arrogance has caused you to look away. Yet, I am in need of your holiness—the very thing that keeps me far is the very thing that keeps me close.

Clean my lips.
Give me your heart.
Remove this poison from my throat. Smooth the rawness and ease the pain.

Let me speak life into everyone and everything around me.
I don’t want my tongue to be a filthy dagger. I want it to be a tool that lifts the lowly to godly; sin to righteous; and hopelessness to joy everlasting.

Oh Lord, teach me your songs.
Let me learn the songs you sing over me. I will gladly sing them over your people.

Cover me. Protect me. Keep me in your hands.

In your Son’s mighty name I pray,