O Lord,
Like a child, I have fallen and all of my strength has left me.
As my precious Father, put me back up on my feet and hold my hands so I can learn to run to you.

Give me your strength and might.
Give me your word and your promises.

Oh, how you give to me. You give me your love and you see to it that I make it back  to you.

By only You will I be able to grow, mature and stand with you in your presence.
I distinctly remember my life before Your life.
I remember disease, destruction, slavery, and death.

My little heart and feeble mind wants to give up and turn my face back towards death.

Then I would leave Life. I would step out of the fullness of joy. I would then settle for lesser pleasures. I would not have You.

God, I am still weak like a little child. Give me your strength and love. Turn my heart towards you. Run towards me and pick me up once more.