Here is love:

Genesis 3:15 I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

The cosmos shattered.

The universe cracked.

The world broken.

Sin has entered into our lives and began its wanton destruction leaving billions dead and the sons of Adam damned to the eternal wrath of the Holy God.

But the Holy God was not put off by sin. God did not have to alter His eternal plan because of sin. He did not have to re-arrange His calendar due to our sin. Out of His great immense love, He created humans in His image—male and female. In His great omniscience, he knew humans would choose not-God over God. He knew this.

He knew this and He knew us anyways.

He knew this and He created us anyways.

He knew this and He chose us anyways.

He knew this and He loved us anyways.

He knew this and He saved us.

The first given to Adam in the garden: “Choose Me. Choose not Me and you will surely die.”

Instead of the fullness of life, joy, satisfaction, and pleasures forevermore, we choose not-God. Sin began its death march. However, God stepped into our dying world and into our dying lives and gives not a commandment but His love:

“Adam, you have already felt some of the effects of this curse. You now feel cold and ashamed. Lost and bewildered. Frightened and alone. There are many things that are going to work out. Life will be difficult and hard and you are die.

But I am still God. I am still your Creator. I still love you. When you were too scared, I came after you. I still want you. Turn back to me. I will make all things right. I will crush Sin. I will destroy Death. The Serpent will be tormented and utterly controlled forever.

I will make all things right. I will make it better than you had it before. Do you trust me?”

The Serpent was the first false preacher to give a false gospel: be like God and you will know like God.

The God responds to this horrific lie preached to his children, comes to his children and then proclaims the absolute truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The absolute truth is this: We cannot make things right. He alone can make things right. Man has to live a perfect life and die so that he in order to be saved. The honest truth is that we cannot be God but the good news is that the ultimately omnipotent God with true free will who has the all-power to become man to live the perfect life, die in our place, buried with our sins, and rose to conquer Satan, demons, sin, hell, death in order to save His people from their sins.

Adam and Eve believed this. They believed this with all of their heart. On the first day of their sin-infested lives, they believed and then, they laid down to rest in His presence. What does a loving God do? God strips them of their self-righteousness used to cover their condemnation and covers them in the warmth, grace, and loveliness of His own righteousness.

Children, his forever.

Mercy, renews forever.

Grace, pours forever.

Holy, forever and ever.

And that is love.