“I sometimes wonder, my dear friends, if one of the questions—if one of the first questions—God would ask me at the day of judgment, as He assesses my life, is not going to be, ‘How well did you preach?’ but ‘What kind of father were you?’ ‘How faithful were you to the charges I gave you?’. That’s your first ministry, isn’t it? Not to be using your gifts here and there, in the church, here and there. Thank God that you do. But if you do that at the expense of your children’s spiritual well-being, you need to be absolutely convinced in your soul that you can do no other than leave your husband, wife, or children, ‘for the sake of the gospel’.”

Sinclair Ferguson. What Kind of Instrument Are You (in Relationship to Young People)?. (formerly Sin: A Dominion Ended: Romans). Audio.