Let me say this:

I want to preach every single day of my life and twice on Sunday. I am all about preaching. Preaching till I die. There is nothing more I want to do in this life.

Now, it was brought to my attention from an Instagram post that there was a distinct lack of preaching at this revival. Whatever we are going to call this, revivals are always marked by repentance, quicken sanctification and preaching of the word of God. (Look no further than the book of Acts.) All revivals beyond Acts chapter 28 must be marked against this. There are no exceptions to this.

Those are my cards. I am hardcore on this position. That said…

There seems to be a lack of preaching at this revival. I got my only speculations and theories on why.

But do you know what I know I am called to do in this time of revival?

Pray. Pray that God will send faithful preachers to preach the word to Asbury and keep this going for as long as he wants to.

Now, for the record, this revival did start with preaching.

February 8, 2023. Ordinary, no-name youth pastor lead and preached a sermon out of Romans 12. He always lead the Wednesday night chapel. I will take it one step forward: I bet there was one person who snoozed off during his sermon.

This pastor preached ordinarily. No screaming. No yelling. Nothing polished. Ordinary means of grace. And then the revival began.

That is my God.