Not a Conspiracy Theory

I debated and prayed about even posting this at all. But I think I must.

While I don’t need to write anything about the New Apostolic Reformation movement, I want to say just this: pray.

I have see may people comment and write books on this movement. And everything that I have read and heart has been incredibly helpful and very pastoral. But what I have noticed that so many people commenting on this movement will never mention that they still have friends who go to NAR churches.

I do. I have hundreds of friends who are currently or have in the past attended an NAR church. And they struggle so desperately with legalism, religion and striving. This should not be a surprised. When man makes religion about who they are and what they can do, it falls into legalism every single time. When I prayed about this, I realized that NAR is real and it is affecting millions of Christians by placing burdens on them that they simply cannot bear and was never suppose to.

But Christ gives much more grace.

God simply told me, “Pray for them. Pray for each of them by name.”

That is what I can do in this moment.

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