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What it was

Back in January 2021, I decided to do a daily podcast that did a Bible Study on a book of the Bible. I began writing my first bible study on Romans right away in hopes of getting about two months worth of episodes.

Daily podcasts were a bit audacious. Silly me.

But out of that writing on top of the other theological writings I have done for the last decade was born another series.

What is now

Here is Theologicus. Combined with in-home (my home) Bible Study on Sunday evenings, I have taken my writings and worship to live stream every evening five days a week.

The Schedule

Live stream every weekday evening on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Podcast on Apple and Spotify to post soon afterwards.

Sundays: Bible Study in Romans at my home. Come for the a light dinner and study soon thereafter. If you happened to be in the Metro OKC area, hit me up for details. We would love to have you.

Mondays: The same Romans study now twice on Monday noon and evenings.

Tuesdays: Doctrine… which all that means is the teaching of the Scriptures. Our first series will be in Prayer based on the Lord’s Prayer followed by Oldo Salutis and Here is Love.

Wednesdays: What started off as Reflections (what is that?) and then Meditations (again, what is that?) turned into Gospel Meditations in the Pastorals.

Thursdays: I am not intentionally trying to do an Old Testament study because “Oh noes, I am doing too much in the New Testament.” I did want to include the other 39 books of the canon. And I was tempted to start off with Ruth or something easy peasy. But the more I prepared and prayed, the more it was clear that I had to do this study on Genesis. Even though I have written nothing formal about Genesis, here is what I do know for sure. Most of everything in the New Testament, especially in the gospels concerning the ministry of Jesus Christ, I can usually find it’s origins in the book of origins: Genesis.

Fridays: Home Devotions in the Gospel of Mark. What started as adevotion series for my kids is a devotional series to lead and share in your homes: with your spouse, family, parents, roommates, and best buds. This is not a series for me to teach you Mark but rather to equip you to do this yourself in any book of the Bible. Ask some open ended questions and let the Holy Spirit guide the discussion.


Let us get the personal stuff out of the way.

Name: Joseph Louthan

Family: Wife with three kids

Vocation: Consultant with Red Hat

Church: Covenant Member at Frontline Church in the Oklahoma City Metro

Live Streams

Twitch: The Study

YouTube: YouTube

Facebook: joseph.louthan


Apple: Apple

Spotify: Spotify

Social Media

Discord: Theologicus

Instagram: josephlouthan

Twitter: @JosephLouthan


The code for is here:

Github: @joelouthan

Not This

So what will this study be?

Here are some ways it will not be:

  • In-depth or technical – Definitely nothing wrong with this method. This is not my strongest suit and I am really not here to impress anybody. I am just here to point you to Christ.
  • Time-Restraints – Don’t be surprise if I have super short studies. Likewise, it might go long. I want to depend on God for that.
  • Boggled down in details – When it comes to theology and doctrine, I have tried to abide in one rule, “Keep the main thing the main thing. Stop majoring in the minors.”

The Goal

So how do we keep the main thing the main thing?

So glad you asked:

  • Devotional – These studies are intended to be sweet time in connecting with God
  • Prayerful – If done correctly, my intention is that the passage will mark, and then eventually, bath our prayers
  • Christ-Exalted – All the Scriptures are about Jesus. This point will be driven into the ground.
  • Gospel-Centered – Yes, this is an over-used term. But if the good news can be proclaimed, then we will absolutely preach that God saves sinners.
  • God-glorified – This is not about your best life now. This is not about 10 ways to do something better. This is not try harder. This is not “I get to sin against God and he will look the other way.” This is about God and everything that He is and the promises He has fulfilled in Christ by the power of His Spirit.

The Format

What should we expect from the show structure?

The format will be simple. Here’s a little template that I will be using

The Text

What is the text we will be studying today?

The Support

What, if any, other text supports what we are studying today? (If there is none, then we will won’t get bogged down.)


What does the text say about God?

Where do you see God in the text? What does the text say about God?

The Gospel

What is the good news?

Our Responsibility

What do we do now? Or as I like to say, “Where does God’s grace have me now?”


A simple prayer to God.


Today’s episode is always at The Study feed.

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