Influences: Indeed He Says! Romans 9:22-26

Romans 9:22-26
What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory—even us whom he has called, not from the Jews only but also from the Gentiles? As indeed he says in Hosea,

“Those who were not my people I will call ‘my people,’
  and her who was not beloved I will call ‘beloved.’”
“And in the very place where it was said to them,
  ‘You are not my people,’

  there they will be called ‘sons of the living God.’”

This is the reason why we boldly and audaciously preached the gospel of God!

Paul starts this statement with a huge ‘What if?’. What if God wanted to flex his muscle? What if God endured the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction? What if all of that was to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy? What if He has prepared beforehand for glory? What if He has called from the Jews and the Gentiles? What if?

Ah, if that isn’t the biggest ‘what if’ ever?

But that ‘what if’ is not some post-modern aahhhhhhhh rhetorical question designed not to be answered. Because if that is the question—if we are asking ‘what if?’ then how generously, kindly, wonderful, gladly, lovely does God answer the question.

You were not my people.
You were not my Beloved.
Your disobedience, lostness, pride,
transgressions, and sins
have kept you far, far from me.

But I will have you in my family.
I will have you close to me.
I will have you in my heart.
I will enjoy you forever.
I will bridge that gap.
I will close that infinite chasm.
I will do so with my Son’s life.
I will do so with the power of my Holy Spirit.

You are now called ‘my people’!
You are now called ‘my Beloved’!
Even when you have been told, ‘You are not my people’,
I will trump that and sovereignly declared,
‘You are my sons forevermore!’

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