Knowing τελοσ or Bust!

Studying Philosophy, I am wrestling with the meaning and understanding of telos as in teleological arguments or teleology.

For several weeks, I keep running into the Gk. root telos- and for weeks, I had to keep looking it up on my iPhone to remind me what it means and more importantly, “what the sentence is actually saying.

And the cement becomes bone-dry when I read this little quote:

“Moses declared that the law was not too hard for Israel to keep. This passage is applied by Paul to Christ Himself (Dt. 30:11-14; Rom. 10:6-11). This is because Christ is the telos of the law for everyone that believes (Rom. 10:4).” 1

Because of Romans 10:4, I get it now.

What is our purpose? What is our chief end?

Never stop asking this question.


  1. Douglas Wilson. “A Pauline Take on the New Perspective“. Credenda/Agenda. Vol. 15. Iss. 5. 10.

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