Influences: Leviticus

Leviticus is Christology 101.

This might be a strange statement. I know. Stay with me.

When I finally got around into reading Leviticus, I had just finished all the gospels with the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ still being very fresh in my mind.

Then I was reading through Leviticus and as clear as any book as ever been, I knew the main point that God was driving into my soul:

God is holy.


His holiness is not defined by our sin but rather our sin is exposed because of His holiness.

If Leviticus lays out the holiness of God, then chapters 18 through 22 is the focal point of it all.

Many non-believers point to Leviticus and accuse Christians of not following all of the law. Yes, we wear blended fabrics. Yes, we eat shellfish and pork. Furthermore, they want to lump those things in with the laws against homosexuality as though they won some sort of non-existing argument.

If you read Leviticus and get nothing but a bunch of laws, you are reading it wrong.

If you see that how God is holy and in the holiness, our sins are exposed. you are reading it right.

If you see that God is loving, patient, and kind towards us, you are reading it right.

If you see that it is from God alone through Christ alone by the power of the Holy Spirit alone we are now holy because He is holy, you are reading it right.

Here are all the laws that you must obey in order to be with God.

Wait, you failed to do one law, you have broken the law.

When you have broken one law, you have broken all the laws. (James 2:10)

The laws are not just mere laws. All of the law of God point to something bigger than themselves. They point to Christ.

The stony heart tries to reduce the law of God into a bunch of rules.

The soft heart cries out for mercy because we cannot fulfill the law.

Christ himself absolutely declares, “I tell you, this man went down to his house justified, rather than the other.” (Luke 18:14 ESV)

Justified in the sight of the Holy God who took it upon Himself to fulfill all the law so that His people would be saved to Himself forever.

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