Dangerous Calling: Where’s The Grace?

Lectures. Speaking engagements. One-on-one counseling. Teaching. Preaching. Speaking. Whispering. Is it possible to continuously proclaiming the glorious, loving, gracious gospel of Jesus Christ? What if I preached to myself His gospel? What if I continuously filled my mind not with mindless entertainment but with His glorious revelation? What if I stepped into the world and loved the world in the way He did? What if I could get ever moment of my life to proclaim His goodness and grace? What if?

“You are most loving, patient, kind, and gracious when you are aware that there is no truth that you could give to another that you don’t desperately need yourself. You are most humble and gentle when you think that the person you are ministering to is more like you than unlike you. When you have inserted yourself into another category that tends to make you think you have arrived, it is very easy to be judgmental and impatient. I heard a pastor unwittingly verbalize this well. My brother Tedd and I were at a large Christian-life conference listening to a well-known pastor speak on family worship. He told stories of the zeal, discipline, and dedication of the great fathers of our faith to personal and family worship. He painted lengthy pictures of what their private and family devotions were like. I think all of us felt that it was all very convicting and discouraging. I felt the weight of the burden of the crowd as they listened. I was saying to myself, ‘Comfort us with grace, comfort us with grace,’ but the grace never came.1


  1. Paul David Tripp. Dangerous Calling (Kindle Locations 262-270). Crossway.

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