Now Sings My Soul: Psalm 23:3a He Restores My Soul

My Lord,

I perish without you.

I cannot live without you.

Apart from you., the hole in my inner being remained infinitely empty. Without you, I strived and pushed and pulled and made idols and did whatever I need to do in order to fill my soul.

But all of it comes up empty.

But you, O Lord, not only fills my heart to the brim but gives my soul brand new life. Now, I run after you. Now I walk with you. Now you are with me and I am with you forever.

Lord, give me the fullness of your Spirit so I might walk in your statues and obey your commands. More than that, that I would have the strength to do you what you have called me to do.

For my joy and your glory.


I love you.

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Joe Louthan

I graduated High School with a 1.75GPA. My friend rightfully asked me, “Is that even passing?” To which I responded *shrugs*. Welcome to my TED talk.