Now Sings My Soul: Psalm 22:12-18

Dear God,

My enemies are on all sides and their attacks are relentless, you are my protector.

When lions clamp down on my guts, you are the teeth-breaker and my healer.

When I am buried, you call me out of the ground.

When I was dead in my sins, you lived, died, and rose alive so that I might live.

You have never left me.

You have always been with me even when I did not know nor loved you.

You have always been there.

And I will forever worship you.

My God.

Series: As a young believer, I have not had the chance to read all the way through the Bible. The Psalms and Proverbs will be the last books before I finish the Old Testament in Ezekiel, Daniel, then Isaiah. As I read through the Psalms, I was struck by the very personal and intimate nature of the Psalms despite the deep theological, doctrinal, and Christocentric focus of the written songs themselves. Using the Psalms as a mere template and an outline, how I would I respond? So doing just that, I began writing out prayers based on each of the Psalms.

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