Keeping It Personally Real

For a tad over 300 hundred posts, I was able to keep this blog free from personal feelings and insight. I was doing my best to bifurcate my theological pursuits and the pursuits of the heart.

But over the last year, with the maturity of my emotions increasing, I am beginning to see that is an impossibility. To do so would be to go against the tagline of this site as penned by Samuel Rutherford: “No pen, no words, no image can express to you the loveliness of my only, only Lord Jesus”. To do so would be to deny the spirit and the soul.

And if I actually nod in agreement with the Bible, to borrow a phrase from Douglas Wilson, “All of Christ for all of life”, not only is Christ has all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength, but to Him belongs my struggles, failures, successes and even fleeting thoughts.

Here’s to a new direction: starting on Thursdays, I will write about something personal. Now personal could include aspirations, goals, interests, difficulties, setbacks, and tragedies.  But as a Christian who strives to live a Christ-centered live, I know that my life is not my own for my life belongs to the One who has loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Here is to new trails blazed.

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Joe Louthan

I graduated High School with a 1.75GPA. My friend rightfully asked me, “Is that even passing?” To which I responded *shrugs*. Welcome to my TED talk.