In this life, I am sure of very few things. The one thing I am absolutely sure of is:

  1. That the Triune God, three Persons consisting of the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Holy Spirit, out the overflowing love for each other, created all the heavens and earth and everything therein.
  2. In part of that creation, that God created our original parents, Adam and Eve. Adam was given not only authority over all the creatures but God gave Adam the headship over his marriage to Eve. In that authority, God gave Adam one commandment.
  3. Our original parents, Adam and Eve, entertained the false preaching of Satan and in their pride, decide to rebel and turn their backs away from God by breaking the one commandment that God had given them and in doing so, breaking all of creation and killing their God-breathed spirits and will eventually put their physical bodies to death.
  4. Because God is perfectly sovereign, He foreknew our rebellion and disobedience against Him and He already had a plan in place to redeem us all.
  5. In God’s perfect love, mercy and grace for mankind and all of His creation, He wanted us to rejoin Him forever as part of making all of creation whole once more.
  6. However, in order to join us back to Him, redemption had to take place because God is perfectly holy, righteous and just, He cannot allow any sin to be in His presence. Without redemption, we would be separated from God forever.
  7. Because He alone is good and not for our sake but for the sake of His name, honor and reputation alone, all throughout the Scripture, Words breathed by God alone, the same God in heaven alone, in His pleasure and for His glory, continued to save certain individuals and eventually peoples throughout history and God established covenants with Himself and mankind so that His plan of redemption and wholeness could be fulfilled.
  8. It is in those Scriptures, God continuously, either obviously or subtly, keeps pointing to the coming of a Savior, One to save us all. From the promise that God immediately gave Adam and Eve that this Savior would smash the head of Satan, to the lamb’s blood stain on the door frames of Passover, God’s deliverance His chosen people from slavery, baptism of God’s people through parting of the Red Sea, through the shaping of the hearts of His chosen as He provides and cares from them as He guides them through the wilderness. All of that was for His perfect plan of redemption and righteousness
  9. Even from the big point of view like the construction of the Mosaic Tabernacle to the arrangement of the tribes around the Tabernacle down to the intimate details of individuals’ lives like the sacrifice provision for Abraham and Isaac, to the wrestling of Jacob and an angel, trials of Joseph, to Ruth being redeemed by her kinsman in Boaz, to David to Solomon all pointed to the Messiah. The Law and the Prophets throughout the Old Testament always pointed to the One who would save us all.
  10. Then, by the will and timing of the Father in heaven, through the power the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, named Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come, put aside his divine attributes, stepped down from the perfect divine and holy heavens into our broken, jacked up, sin-filled creation to become fresh, thus being fully God and fully man, to be born of a virgin teenage single mom named Mary. Jesus Christ, having no father here on earth, was adopted by carpenter named Joseph who married Mary.
  11. Jesus grew from a infant to a toddler to a kid to a teenager to an adult just like any other human would have done. Jesus Christ lived his life like any other guy would of like perhaps go to school, go and work with his dad while He swung a hammer for a living as a carpenter. Since he was a manual laborer, he would have to be in pretty good shape with His hair cropped a bit short wearing pretty humble clothes. (This is in contrast to what many think of Jesus as some hippie, peace loving, jobless guy.) He did not live apart from the rest of the world but He was in the world. That is why He is also called ‘Immanuel’ meaning ‘God Is With Us’. We also knew that he studied and prepared for His ministry which He would start at the age of 30.
  12. But unlike every single human being who had ever lived or will ever lived, Jesus Christ was born perfect and lived the perfect life that we did not live.
  13. It was because of that perfect life that He lived, He remained fully obedient to the will of the Father in heaven.
  14. Jesus Christ is then betrayed by one of his closest friends for 30 pieces of silver.
  15. He was then arrested and then illegally tried in the middle of night unto the morning in which Jesus Christ would not defend Himself because He was guilty of no sin. If Jesus Christ tried to defend Himself, He would be lying because He did no sin.
  16. He was then taken to be stripped naked and then severely beaten, flogged and whipped to within an inch of His life. His body was so shredded to a point that you could see bones and muscle and guts underneath where there was skin as His body was covered in blood. A crown of thorns shoved upon His head, His beard yanked off His face. He was spat upon, slapped and mocked. His clothes and belongings were seized by the soldiers and bid upon in a game of craps. To top of all that, He was made to carry a wooden cross up a hill. There, He would be nailed to that cross with spikes about 12 inches long through both wrists and one through both of his feet. They raised the cross up into a hole in the ground.
  17. Jesus Christ is then crucified.
  18. His body drained out of his own blood, sweat, tears, urine and feces that gathered into a pool at the bottom of His cross. He faced the scorching heat of the day and the freezing coldness of the night. His bones never broken but just to be sure that Jesus was surely dead, a soldier stuck a spear through his ribcage straight into His heart where blood and water poured out.
  19. It was in that moment, Jesus became ever single sin ever committed by anyone who has put their faith and trust in God alone. Since the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God to every sin that is being committed today to every sin that will ever be committed till the end of time by those God calls His people. In essence, He became a murderer, a rapist, a child molester, a thief, a hacker, a liar, a pornstar, the extreme fundamentalist and tax evader. He became religious, bitterness, deception, gluttony, lust, laziness, idolatry and pride. Not only did He bore the weight of all of the sins for all of His people but He bore all the sins ever committed against His people.
  20. It was in that same moment, that His only begotten Son was indeed the only True Perfect Sacrifice and that His Son had become all of our sin, God the Father unleashed His wrath upon His Son and killing Him. That wrath was meant for you and me. We were meant to die that way. But because God loves us so much, Jesus Christ stood in our place and took the full force of God’s wrath that was meant for His people. It was in the moment, God the Father and God the Spirit turned their backs and forsook God the Son because Christ bore the sins of His people, of those who would believe and trust Him for eternal life.
  21. After His death, He was taken down off the cross, wrapped in about 100 lbs of linen wrappings and spices. Because Jesus died broke and homeless, one rich guy gave up His tomb so that Jesus the Messiah could be laid to rest.
  22. However, on the third day of burial, visitors found that the seal has been rolled away from the entrance with no body in sight. There was no body because Jesus Christ resurrected back to life. Upon doing so, He conquers sin, Satan, Demons, Hell and Death and begins His kingdom on earth.
  23. After being made available to several hundred witnesses including His own mom, His brothers and His disciples, Jesus Christ ascended back into Heaven where He now sits at the right hand of the Father. It was then soon after that, just as Jesus promised, God the Holy Spirit would come down unto the earth.
  24. What is the Spirit of God came here to do? If we repent of our sins and believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, then God will save you, will redeem you, give you a clean heart and pull you close to Him and He will never let you go. He will then use His Spirit to change your heart to be more like Him so that you and God can be together forever. Not only does the Spirit of God does this work within us but if you believe and trust in Christ, you have been beckoned and commissioned to tell everyone everywhere about this wonderful and beautiful and merciful and loving God who passionately, relentless and consistently wooing us.
  25. God continues even today, in His right time and for His pleasure and glory, continues to build His kingdom upon the earth until one day, in the future, the One, Jesus Christ, who was here on earth before as a humble, lowly man that came not to be served but to serve, will return back to earth in order finally judge those who all turn against God. He is the one who is called Faithful, because He continues and will complete His work in us and His creation and also called True, for all things spoken from His lips are True. In in His Second Coming, the disciple John the Beloved described Him this way: His eyes lit on fire with flames coming out of His eyes and His head holds many crowns upon which He has a name for Himself that only He knows. His robe, pure white in righteousness but the skirt of the robe was dipped in blood, His blood by which all those who believed in Him would be cleansed from all their sins. He opens His mouth and out comes a sharp sword, in which His name is The Word of God, and he will use His Word to strike down all the nations and separate joint from marrow and spirit from soul and thoughts and intentions from hearts. With the fury of the wrath of the Almighty God, He will press those hearts out like a winepress crushes grapes. He will capture and completely bind the ones who lead the rebellion against God, namely the prince of lies, Satan, himself and His chief generals and the kings of the earth. and He will throw them all into a lake of fire. The rest were slain. He will rule them all with a rod of iron, that will serve to us as comfort, for as it clearly states upon His robe and His tatted up thigh and which in the end, every single knee of all created beings and every single created thing will confess their tongue that, Jesus Christ, the dear, gracious, merciful, faithful, true, loving, honorable, just, righteous and holy Savior and Messiah, is truly the King of kings and Lord of Lords, forever and ever.
  26. In all of that, God saves sinners. God saved a sinner, just like me.