Devotions in Mark: A Few Resources

Here just the very small list of resources on Mark that I have found most helpful.

The Bible – Should go without say. However, many times, many teachers, preachers, and small group leaders (myself included) will “cut straight to the chase” and engage the commentary instead of engaging the Word of God. Remember, the commentaries are not without error—they are the observations of the author. Slow down, pray, read, chew and meditate.

ESV Study Bible – Incredible resource. I use the online more than the actual book.

The Gospel of Mark (NICNT) by William L. Lane – Incredible thorough and wonderfully written, Dr. Lane walks the reader masterfully through not only the Gospel but the perspective of the writer Mark.

Calvin’s Commentary on the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) by John Calvin – I like to keep an old school commentary for better perspective. (Note: if you don’t find the exact passage in this commentary, just locate the commentary for the similar passages in Matthew and Luke.

Savior of the Suffering (Mark) at Internet Monk – I was looking for a cool Byzantine picture of St. Mark and ran into this very cool resource that lays out Mark, using the aforementioned Lane commentary as resource, for your studying pleasure.

Mark (St. Andrews Expositional Commentary) by R.C. Sproul – I got this for my birthday this year. As I reading from page 1, I am using this as a reference for where we were at. Excellently written and a real joy to read thus far.


  1. Added the book, Mark by R.C. Sproul

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