Now Sings My Soul: Psalm 19

My God,

I was deaf. I was mute. I was hungry. I was thirsty. I was blind. I was ignorant. I was violent. I cursed your name. I was a dumb brute.  I was barbaric.

yellow-within-purple-red-yellowYet, you transported from the spiritual to the material. You cut across space and time. You personally opened my eyes, gave words for my throat, opened my eyes, filled my heart, and gave me understanding so that I may know you. You gave me rest for my soul, removed the curse from my tongue, made me your son and you glorified me.

You called out to me so that I might have life. You spoke to me because I am your friend. You whisper to me because you are always near to me.

Your words are without comparison. There is no other word that actually raised me from the dead. There is no other name by which I am saved. There is no other for you alone have the words to eternal life.

My Lord and God. My Savior. My Redeemer. My Father. My Christ. My Spirit.

My words still fall short. My heart is still so weak. But what little life I have and with what few words I  can say, let them be my worship to you.

I love you, Lord. With all that I am, I will forever bless your holy name.


Series: As a young believer, I have not had the chance to read all the way through the Bible. The Psalms and Proverbs will be the last books before I finish the Old Testament in Ezekiel, Daniel, then Isaiah. As I read through the Psalms, I was struck by the very personal and intimate nature of the Psalms despite the deep theological, doctrinal, and Christocentric focus of the written songs themselves.  Using the Psalms as a mere template and an outline, how I would I respond? So doing just that, I began writing out prayers based on each of the Psalms.

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Joe Louthan

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