Now Sings My Soul: Psalm 10


O Lord,

My sin wakes me up from my slumber.

At my weakest, my iniquities flood my mind. My mind is not sharp. My soul is asleep. In the pitch blackness of the night, I cannot see.

Sin is like a ravenous, rabid dog who sits upon my chest, waiting to devour me. I can smell it’s breath. I can taste the poison stench. My eardrums break from the deafening bark.

My birth and my life before haunts me.

But you, O Lord, are my Shepherd. You are my protector. You are my defender. You are my avenger. You are my slayer.

You, who was once slain for my sin, have already gloriously, majestically, violently, powerfully, and mercilessly slay all of my sin.

My King, my wits are lost. My soul is dormant. My heart is nearly still. I do not have the wisdom to ask for help. I do not have the presence of mind to call on you.

My God, be my faithful protector—continuously and forevermore.

Every waking moment and every minute of sleep, there is not a time when I don’t need you.

I need you, God. Don’t leave me. Stay with me. Help me. Love me. Care for me.

I love you.

In the incredible name of Your Son, I pray.


Series: As a young believer, I have not had the chance to read all the way through the Bible. The Psalms and Proverbs will be the last books before I finish the Old Testament in Ezekiel, Daniel, then Isaiah. As I read through the Psalms, I was struck by the very personal and intimate nature of the Psalms despite the deep theological, doctrinal, and Christocentric focus of the written songs themselves.  Using the Psalms as a mere template and an outline, how I would I respond? So doing just that, I began writing out prayers based on each of the Psalms.

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