Fullness in Christ

... that it is my duty, out of a sense of emptiness, to go to Christ, possess, enjoy his fullness as mine, as if I had it in myself, because it is for me in him; that when I do this I am full of the Spirit, as a fish that has got from the shore to the sea and has all fullness of waters to move in, for when faith fills me, then I am full; that this is the way to be filled with the Spirit, like Stephen, first faith, then fullness, for this way makes me most empty, and so most fit for the Spirit to fill.

– from Fullness in Christ
The Valley of Vision

Now Sings My Soul: Psalm 23:4b Fear No Evil

My God,

I fear no evil.

For your precious Son has already conquered sin, Satan, demons, hell, and death.

I have no enemies on earth. Those are not my real enemies.

Rulers, princes, and principalities: they crouch for my soul. They wait to devour my heart. They do not hesitate to fire a million arrows of fire just to consume my being.

But you, O Lord, are my strength, my armour, my fortress and strong tower. It is in you alone that I trust forever.

You have slewed the dragon.

Of whom can I be afraid? You are my Lord and my God forever.

Christ the Word

When I sin against thee I cross thy will, love, life, and have no comforter, no creature, to go to. My sin is not so much this or that particular evil, but my continual separation, disunion, distance from thee, and having a loose spirit towards thee. But thou hast given me a present, Jesus thy Son, as Mediator between thyself and my soul, as middle-man who in a pit holds both him below and him above, for only he can span the chasm breached by sin, and satisfy divine justice.

– from Christ the Word
The Valley of Vision