Shutting the Trapdoor, An Hindsight

I am reading though the short and insightful debate between the late Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson, published in the book, Is Christianity Good For The World? and can’t help to think about the recent Internet-driven bruhahas over the last month, namely:

Rachel Held Evans versus Douglas Wilson.

Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage versus Chick-fil-a and from my finite perspective, the rest of the Conservative Evangelical world.

(Absence of links? I am too lazy to collect them for you.)

I have written opinions about these items and while I don’t necessarily regret my words, I wonder if my voice helped, hurt or even worse still, contributed nothing to the conversation.

If I was completely honest with myself, I know that I contributed nothing and possibly hurt others in the process.

In my mind, I vowed to “know nothing but Christ and him crucified” but my heart’s idol-worship of my soul, will, and intellect betray me. I felt like I had to speak up because I felt like I know more than others and my way is the best way. That is obviously and simply not true.

For whatever the next great Internet debate shows up, I think it would be best to keep my trap shut unless I am asked for my thoughts. When that time comes, I will pray for I am in desperately in need of God’s wisdom in order to think and His expert skilled hands to brutally kill off the pride in me.