Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp: A Review

I like this book and I am not even a pastor. And I am not going to preface this review with any sort of calling that God has on my life or whatever He might be walking me through. I think this book is suited for any Christian for we are all saints who are being equipped for the work of the ministry. 1 But I think it would be a shame for any Christian to look at the cover, dismiss it because “Oh I am not a pastor”.

I consider those saints who are called by Christ as Pastor-Shepherds to be the Jedi Council of the Christian world. They have masterful way of looking into your life by the words you are speaking and be able to clearly see what is going on in your heart. The good ones don’t judge the heart but instead, ask a series of voodoo questions that helps you see what’s going on in your own heart. This is a skill, gift, and an anointing I do not possess but will always appreciate and will forever admire pastor-counselors and be in awe of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and through their lives.

Me? I have to work hard to shepherd well. I have to study my butt off just to half-way counsel others in the gospel of Christ. So, whenever the Biblical Counseling Prof from my seminary writes a book pertaining to pastors, most certainly I will seek this book out.

I initially suspected that this is a book that would help those who feel lead to serve His Bride in some sort of Pastor/Teacher calling. Oh, the book does that but Tripp isn’t simply satisfied with examining your calling. In the omnipotent reaching power of God alone, Tripp is interested in what is really going on in your heart. I mean, really, going on.

If the gospel pertains to the many facets of the diamond that is the life and finished work of Jesus Christ, then Tripp does a masterful job in uncovering the many facets of your heart. Except, if I can speak for my own heart and life, there is no diamond to uncover but rather a coal mine that knows no limits to its depths.

When it comes to your heart, Tripp does not pull punches. For the sake of the gospel, His Bride, my bride, my family, my heart and my soul, I certainly glad he did not.

The easy read yet a read that cuts deep. You can’t do much better than that.

Pick up this book and don’t let it collect dust on the bookshelf with the rest of your other unread books. Read it right away.


  1. see Ephesians 4:11-16

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